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January 2018

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3D Move analysis to analyze the responses of pavement structures

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Dear Prof.Dr Elie Y. Hajj,

I have read two your articles about using 3D Move analysis to analyze the responses of pavement structures:
- Evaluation of Rut Resistant Asphalt Mixtures for Intersection, Road Materials and Pavement Design, 12:2, 263-292
- Response of an asphalt pavement mixture under a slow moving truck, Journal of Transportation Engineering, ASCE, 2006, pp. 134-146
These are very interesting for me, many thanks.

But, I do not understand how to use 3D Move to calculate distribution of maximum shear strain in HMA layers under steering axle, driving axle and trailer axle of the eighteen-wheeler truck.

I also do not know what is the acceleration and velocity of text mode of results for?

Would you please help me
Thank you very much

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